CPD Workshop: Young Critics

Facilitators: Anna Galligan and Alan King (NAYD) and Junior Cycle for Teachers


Prepare your students to engage critically with a live theatre performance as a ‘multi-modal’ text. Through observation exercises, research and discussion, equip your students with the skills to describe, analyse and form their own judgement of live theatre, and share their personal response with others. The workshop draws on the National Association for Youth Drama (NAYD) Young Critics programme. It focuses on developing the students’ critical, observational, research, communication and collaboration skills. It encourages students to find their personal voice and express their opinion in an informed and articulate fashion. It develops not only their use of critical language but also their ability to communicate it in a mature and respectful manner.

Young Critics is offered as part of a two day programme called “Thinking Creatively and Critically” which comprises of two workshops (Film in Focus and Young Critics). The programme runs from 10:30 am-3:30 pm. Teachers may sign up to attend at one of the venues below. It is also possible to book the individual workshops.

The Everyman Palace, Cork

Galway Education Centre

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Photo credit: Still from video interview with NAYD Young Critics. Embedded photograph: I Malvolio by Tim Crouch ©Matthew Andrews

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