CPD Workshop: Page to Stage – Drama Extracts

Facilitator: Veronica Coburn (Programme Director, TENDERFOOT in the Civic Theatre) and Junior Cycle for Teachers

Excerpt from “I’ve to Mind Her” by Shaun Dunne.tenderfoot

This workshop focuses on bringing a drama text to life.  Theatre is a live art. Its function is to explore and understand the world we live in.  Explore the skills and techniques required to bring a text from page to stage, or to “embody” a drama text. The workshop will introduce short extracts from contemporary plays, including one by an established Irish playwright, and a selection from playwrights of the same age as the students.  The Specification for English outlines that schools ‘should provide students with a broad experience of the dramatic form’.  This workshop offers teachers the opportunity to broaden their collection of drama extracts suitable for an adolescent audience and will empower teachers to embrace this form of text in a fresh, creative and exciting way.

Page to Stage is offered as part of a two day  programme of workshops entitled ‘Bringing Drama to Life’ (Speaking Shakespeare and Page to Stage). The programme runs from 10:30am-3:30pm . Teachers may sign up to attend at one of the venues below. It is also possible to book the individual workshops.

The Garage Theatre, Monaghan

Dublin City Centre (The Abbey Theatre Old Rehearsal Room  and Fringe Offices)

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Photo credit: Excerpt from “I’ve to Mind Her” by Shaun Dunne. The play was an original commission, directed by Gary Keegan and performed by Dublin Youth Theatre at the Dublin Theatre Festival, 2013.

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