Drama in Junior Cycle

In the drama classroom, students learn on their feet, building trust, working together, and responding creatively to each other’s ideas. English teachers can guide students to achieve clear learning outcomes in oral language, writing, and reading, as they explore drama extracts and prescribed plays in junior cycle. Schools also have the opportunity to offer their students a short course in drama/theatre.

Currently, three CPD workshops are being offered to support drama in Junior Cycle English: Page to Stage, Speaking Shakespeare, and Young Critics.

Schools are encouraged to access their local arts venue  and local arts office  in order to stimulate classroom activity and to provide rich and engaging experiences for students.

In addition, this website includes a variety of resources and examples of good practice to assist you and your students as you explore drama in junior cycle.  Some of the examples here describe the experience of senior cycle students working with more advanced texts. They are included because they demonstrate how key skills and a range of learning outcomes are achieved by developing artistic and critical skills in drama/theatre.

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